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Micro-introduction/overview of Lusitania, which Martim Avillez wrote and produced. 2004

"Lusitania produces anthologies of original material, drawing on the work of emerging and established writers, theorists, artists and cultural critics.
Each book brings a critical perspective to issues within contemporary cultural discourse.
The play between textual and visual content engages Lusitania's readership with provocative forays into our ever-changing cultural field."

#11 Beyond Form. Architecture in the Space of Media
In this age of new media, what is the role of the architect? No longer bound by the historical limitations of form, architecture has shifted from real to virtual space. Beyond Form explores what lies beyond the current iconography of digitally produced architecture. Presented in two formats, this issue will contain contributions both in print and on DVD-ROM. In English

#10 The 23
When twenty-three Sephardic Jews arrived on the Island of Manhattan in 1654, they comprised the first Jewish community in North America. Their history told as a 42-page, full-colour comic strip, is printed on a continuous 23-foot-long accordion spread that folds into a hardcover slipcase. On the reverse of the comic pages are four essays which relate to the Sephardic experience, written by Lesli Camhi, Anita Novinsky, Jose Gil, and Berenice Reynaud. Printed in two editions: in English and Portuguese.

#9 Taste, Nostalgia
From the margins of gastronomy to the depths of taste, Taste, Nostalgia is a compendium of culinary delights and anguish. Food for body and soul, with rare recipes, lost histories, perfect dishes, childhood nostalgia, limits of taste, historical origins, improbable ecstasies, unusual authors and provocative illustrations.
Edited by Allen S. Weiss.

#8 Being On Line, Net Subjectivity
Since the early 1960s a revolution in human communication has occurred. Electronic media and the personal computer have produced new virtual geographies and communities. Being On Line, Net Subjectivity examines the Internet from two interrelated perspectives: the effects of cyberspace on philosophy, and the psychology of being on-line.
Edited by Alan Sondheim
In English and Korean

#7 Sites & Stations: Provisional Utopias
From the perspective of practices outside of the mainstream this volume records with irony, pleasure and paradox the attempt to recuperate the utopian dimension of architecture - from the fantasy of Las Vegas to the real politics of
urban planning.
Edited by Stan Allen and Kyong Park.
In English and Korean

#6 Vulvamorphia
(Vulva=wrapper; morphia=form) is a fluid system of relationships that perpetually erode the dominant order through
the wave forms of a feminine libidinal economy. To this end, the Vulvamorphia edition of Lusitania is a collection of essays, fiction, and images that endeavour to echo-locate and decipher the play of these critical, artistic, and political flows.
Edited by Lillian Lennox
In English and French

#4 The Abject, America
Explores the cultural effect of the Nazi's love of Disney, Artaud's sojourn in Mexico, the structuring principles of anti-Semitism, the fall of Fatty Arbuckle, the rise of Jacques Lacan and kitsch, and much, much more.
Edited by Catherine Liu.
In English and Portuguese

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